St Michaels Akademy

Alumini say about us?

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  • Farhan.M
  • 2012-2019 Alumni

Hi! I am Farhan,an alumni of Michael's akademy. I have studied in Michael's for about 7 years and was very glad to be a part of a developing school. As of starting in this school at 2012 it was a bit different for me to study in India. But fortunately my mom found michael's academy through some of her friends recommendation. Later I grew up along with the school and began to love learning. Later when I went from 3/4 th to full uniform I was given responsibilities. There was many programmes which me and my class friends did together with other seniors and juniors learning what teamwork is. I was given opportunities in various programme to lead the team and learned how to lead a team. We were also taught various life skills such as swimming,rowing and much more. I had a bright foundation in michael's so does the others,everyone deserves this wonderful school for their wards best foundation.

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  • Mohamed Anas.B
  • 2014-2019 Alumni

I studied in st.michael’s from 2014 to 2019. When I was in school days I never studied well. My intention was to play, doing some mischief or other. I will not complete my homeworks properly. But now I am studying in college and I'm doing good. Do u know how, that's why I am sharing this. I will tell you the reason most of the parents expect only marks from children but Michael's alone know what skills children need. I surely believe now the skills alone will help in every place of our life as I'm seeing it in college. St.michael’s has taught me lot of skills along with knowledge. I am doing well in my college because of my school. Wherever I go people ask me where I am I from and which school I studied. Thank you st Michaels for the wonderful lessons. My mam always say what we sow now you will reap later. St Michaels has sown lots of good things during our school days now we are reaping the benefits in college days and will do it for life. People assume colleges to be the turning point. Never..... schools alone build our lives that too only schools like Michaels. I had to edit my text several times as I spent only few years in Michael's. Join your kids right from LKG to see their future sealed to perfection.