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Our Founder Chairman Shri Alfred John, a fifth generation teacher from the family of the Goodwill group of schools is a young and dynamic educationist. His ideology of teaching and learning differed in many ways from the traditional methods. Introduction of newer and tech-savvy methodology in education is the hall mark of our Chairman. He dedicated himself totally to the education of young people from his early 20’s. Over the period of 14 years he worked with numerous teachers and students from various socio-economic levels. He helps young people to commit themselves to a higher purpose in life, develop loyalty to their religion and prepare themselves for productive citizenship.

Our Chairman was approached by his friend Dr. Julius Vijayakumar of Nagapattinam in April 2010 to open a school at Nagapattinam as hundreds of students were left stranded when a particular school was closed for want of recognition. Our chairman was convinced by the parents to open a school in Nagapattinam during December 2011. Though the required strength was not mustered as assured the process of establishing the school was carried forward.

A new trust named Abiezer Allun Education Trust was formed and a place was hired at the central part of Nagapattinam for the school. The school was named as St. Michael’s Akademy and it was decided to follow CBSE pattern of education.

Shri. S. Meenaakshi Padmanabhan and Shri. Sadagopan backed every effort of our Chairman. Shri. KL. Pandurengan our trustee and a native of Nagapattinam provided logistic and local support. With the undaunted efforts of these people St. Michael’s Akademy dawned in Nagapattinam within a shortest possible time on 14th June 2010 and Shri. D. Rajamanokaran, Founder Chairman, Goodwill Group of Schools and father of our Chairman lighted the candle and inaugurated the school.

From mere 54 students in 2010.The strength of the school is rising sleeply every year.Five acres of land was acquired for the school in Karuvelangadai village and a state of an art school block with all modern amenities was constructed under the supervision of Shri. Alagarisamy. The School started to function in the new campus from the year 2012-2013. The school obtained secondary level affiliation from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) w.e.f 1st April 2013. Under the able guidance of our Chairman the school is well poised to achieve greater things.

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    • Farhan.M
    • 2012-2019 Alumni

    Hi! I am Farhan,an alumni of Michael's akademy. I have studied in Michael's for about 7 years and was very glad to be a part of a developing school. As of starting in this school at 2012 it was a bit different for me to study in India. But fortunately my mom found michael's academy through some of her friends recommendation. Later I grew up along with the school and began to love learning. Later when I went from 3/4 th to full uniform I was given responsibilities. There was many programmes which me and my class friends did together with other seniors and juniors learning what teamwork is. I was given opportunities in various programme to lead the team and learned how to lead a team. We were also taught various life skills such as swimming,rowing and much more. I had a bright foundation in michael's so does the others,everyone deserves this wonderful school for their wards best foundation.

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    • Mohamed Anas.B
    • 2014-2019 Alumni

    I studied in st.michael’s from 2014 to 2019. When I was in school days I never studied well. My intention was to play, doing some mischief or other. I will not complete my homeworks properly. But now I am studying in college and I'm doing good. Do u know how, that's why I am sharing this. I will tell you the reason most of the parents expect only marks from children but Michael's alone know what skills children need. I surely believe now the skills alone will help in every place of our life as I'm seeing it in college. St.michael’s has taught me lot of skills along with knowledge. I am doing well in my college because of my school. Wherever I go people ask me where I am I from and which school I studied. Thank you st Michaels for the wonderful lessons. My mam always say what we sow now you will reap later. St Michaels has sown lots of good things during our school days now we are reaping the benefits in college days and will do it for life. People assume colleges to be the turning point. Never..... schools alone build our lives that too only schools like Michaels. I had to edit my text several times as I spent only few years in Michael's. Join your kids right from LKG to see their future sealed to perfection.

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    • Belindra Valavan
    • 2010-2019 Alumna

    I feel proud to be a Michalelite. I have studied in more than three schools, but St.Michael's has played a very major role in my life and has brought out a lot of transformation in me. I was nothing before joining st.michael's. What I am today is only because of st.michael's. I am so grateful to my school and for the most part I am really thankful to our chairman, our principal, our teachers and abi brother, because, they were the ones who found my capabilities, gave lot of opportunities, and made me excel in my life. They not only taught us subjects, but also the values of our life. I really enjoyed my school days that gave lot of beautiful memories. The best part of learning is to experience and I got huge number of experiences at st.michael's. Even at college I got admitted only in the evening shift. But later on it was I who personally met the lecturer and asked for morning shift and if I had that right attitude and confidence to go and ask to the teacher and get admitted in the morning shift it is only because of my school. It doesn't take ten years to prove that our school is best rather we proved it in our first year. I am really happy that we have won this contest. Students who go out of st.michael's will be the best and I hope hence we are proving it. This is a request to all the parents of st.michale's. Allow your children to fully participate in any program or event conducted in our school which will therefore give a better and a fabulous life to your children. I am happy and blessed to be a part of this institution. Love you lots st.michael's . Keep rocking.

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    • Mahadeer.S
    • 2014-2019 Alumni

    St.Michael's alone has transformed my life from a victim to victor, from a low lying looser to the best student of my school (2019). Thank you St.Michael's. Only school in Nagai where children could access principal and chairman at will is MY SCHOOL ST. MICHAEL'S... Only after leaving school I learnt how much it has changed my life. Thank you St.Michaels.... I love you so much.